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About Us

Simple Solution Events Story

My name is Taylor Cagle. I have always been a dreamer, somewhere off in space looking for an outlet to help others that truly means something in the end. This idea came to me when we were planning our wedding, in October of 2022. I wanted people/companies involved in our wedding that truly cared about us or meant something to our day- rather than hiring people who just wanted business. Our wedding was designed and planned in a way that was extremely (and sometimes over the top) personal to us. Down to the color of the rim of the plates we ate off of. I wish I could say it wasn't stressful for me, because I live for making decisions and having a say in things. But, I could easily see how the stress builds so quickly for how many decisions went into every moment of our day. I never wanted the stress of decision making and planning timelines, help, supplies, etc. to take away from the excitement of our day. That's where this idea blossomed. I wanted to create a business that was in it for helping others relieve stress and enjoy the process a little more.

Our team has several years of experience in delivering excellent customer service and, of course, drinks. The team is well equipped and eager to follow out the mission behind the business: creating simple solutions to problems that arise in event planning, to give peace of mind to our clients. We are so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you to our clients for trusting us, for referring us to others, and giving us joy in the day to day operations. Thank you to all vendors involved in these processes and working with us.

Let us help make your day unforgettable- no matter what the occasion is.

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